Thriving in a Digital World

Navigating Digital Dangers

Keeping Our Kids Safe in a Brave New World

For Schools

Guided modules that are flexible enough to fit into your existing curriculum.

For Home Schoolers

Tools to help students understand not only digital dangers, but how to break free from online addiction.

For Churches

Information you need to combat the addictions to technology that your family faces every day.

why we need to teach this?

The importance of digital awareness

We aim to create a future where teens and tweens possess the requisite skills to successfully navigate the complexities of the digital world to protect their minds, bodies, and reputations from predators of all sorts who would use them for purposes that are often in direct opposition to the core values we are trying to instill in them.

Thriving in a Digital World not only explains why digital, social media is the major cause of these issues but also is helpful in how to correct course step by step!


Learn how to navigate digital dangers


$ 199
  • 6 months of course access

1 Year

$ 299
  • 12 months of course access


$ 49
  • 1 month of course access

what ELSE we offer

how we can help you thrive in a digital world


Find insight into how to balance technology with everyday living. You will learn how to “keep calm and carry on” by managing technology before it manages your family.


We provide workshops to help empower parents to not only explore their own digital addictions, but also be able to set boundaries that will keep your children safe.

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