Thriving in a Digital World

Navigating Digital Dangers

Keeping Our Kids Safe in a Brave New World

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Guided modules that are flexible enough to fit into your existing curriculum.

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Tools to help students understand not only digital dangers, but how to break free from online addiction.

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Information you need to combat the addictions to technology that your family faces every day.

why we need to teach this?

The importance of digital awareness

We aim to create a future where teens and tweens possess the requisite skills to successfully navigate the complexities of the digital world to protect their minds, bodies, and reputations from predators of all sorts who would use them for purposes that are often in direct opposition to the core values we are trying to instill in them.

Thriving in a Digital World not only explains why digital, social media is the major cause of these issues but also is helpful in how to correct course step by step!

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Why We Need to Teach This

The strength, scope, power and sway of the digital work demands skills for successful navigation. These skills are currently not being taught on a large scale.

Course Topics Include:

Educating students on the dangers of social media and the addiction that can result is so important and instructing them “How To” take back the reins of their digital engagement is crucial. Youth need to be awakened to the Digital Dangers of technology, Awareness is Key! This is a message of hope that they can all thrive in the tech obsessed world they live in as they set up boundaries, utilize tools to manage technology usage and learn basic digital etiquette. Students will gain valuable insight into how to balance technology with everyday living.
Christina Avallone
The Navigating Digital Dangers unit study is professional and engaging. It provided opportunity for information as well as discussion and collaboration. In addition, the handouts or "homework" looked professional and are very helpful for anyone administering the curriculum. It was helpful to bring awareness to students of how a technology created to be a tool can, without boundaries and awareness, has become an addiction and even a platform for exasperated anxiety and depression, especially among adolescents.
Greg F.
Physical Ed/Health Teacher

The Digital Dilemma

A Parent’s Guide
to the Digital World

This essential guide empowers parents to reclaim control and guide their children to a balanced, fulfilling life in our tech-driven society. Armed with crucial statistics and effective tools, Christina offers a hopeful and actionable plan to prevent your child from becoming another digital statistic. Learn to set meaningful boundaries, foster genuine connections, and encourage real-world interactions. "Thriving in a Digital World" is your blueprint for navigating the digital landscape with confidence, ensuring your family not only survives but thrives in the digital age. Embrace this journey and transform your family's digital habits today.
Empower Your Family Today!

Insights into how to Balance Technology

Living in a Tech-Obsessed
Social Media World is Tough

Invite Christina Avallone to your next event and embark on a journey to conquer the challenges of our tech-obsessed era. As an esteemed author, speaker, and educator, Christina shares her profound insights on navigating the digital landscape with intention and wisdom. Drawing from her pioneering work in "Parenting in a Digital World" and her acclaimed book, "Thriving in a Digital World," she offers an actionable plan tailored for parents, educators, and mentors. Her presentations are not just talks but transformative experiences, empowering audiences to teach digital etiquette, foster genuine connections, and reclaim control from technology's grasp. Secure Christina for your event and inspire your community to thrive in the digital age.


Thriving in a Digital World presentation provided not only valuable and relevant information, but hope and practical steps to implement changes. Christina has a clear passion for families and she helps each family member take control of the position technology has in life. I was able to implement changes in my home the very day she presented at our church! For example, I now keep my phone in another room at night and my sleep has improved as a result. Her presentation and book helped me recognize and begin to change my technology habits. Simple things, like silencing my phone when speaking with someone, are easy to do and help communicate how important someone is to me. As a parent, my actions will communicate more to my children than just my words.
Marianne Smith

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